You don’t have the brains of an engineer, doctor, or mechanic to succeed in whatever it is you want to succeed in. You don’t need to grow up in a wealthy environment to reach success. Nor need a college degree to succeed (I’m not saying I’m against college or anything).

All you have to do to succeed is to just get up 1, yes one, more time than you have fallen down or failed. It’s that simple. If you do this you’ll never fail at anything.

You only officially fail when you don’t get up just that one more time.

Failure is a choice, successful people
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Fear is one of those things you can’t run from. You’ll always inevitably come across the petrifying emotion. It’s built into our genetic code.

Most people think fear¬†is a negative emotion. But if you think about it you need fear. It helps keep you safe from danger and life threatening events. So, embrace it and understand it so that you’ll know how to make it work for you to your advantage rather than it controlling you.

Fear tends to have a negative effect on people when the reason for fearing something is made up in ones own mind. It’s the fabricated fear that keeps people in their shell and approaching life with a “playing it safe” mentality.

If you want to
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What got you here, where you are at currently personally and professionally, is the result of what you have done in the past. Your success, failures, finances, situation, circumstances, etc. is the result of the choices you have made before today.

If you have goals and ambitions, you can’t expect to reach them doing the same ol’ things that you have been doing in the past. What got you here won’t get you there. Successful or striving to be, this principle holds true. In fact, some successful people end up going down hill in their successes because they think doing the same things that had brought them success in the past will continue on bringing more and more success.¬†This is not the case.

In order to maintain
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What motivates you? What is your “why”?! Why are you doing what your doing? Why are you striving for what you’re striving for? Why?

Start with it… With what? “Why!”.

Why is the “why” important?

Well I’ll break it down for you like this:

If I offer you $50 to tightrope walk a 3 foot high plumbing pipe, would you do it? Without hesitation your answer would be “yes”.

Now, if I offer you
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Almost everything we enjoy today was once “impossible” in the past. So what makes an impossibility into a possibility?

Deep inside you lies seemingly impossible thoughts. A dream longing to come true. There’s a mission that you feel inside of you, something you feel you have to and/or want to do. But you look at it through your own “blurry” eyes and only and see the impossibilities. Because of the barrage of things coming to you, are beside you, and passing you, it leaves you with the impression that it is impossible to achieve your dreams – or at least it is very difficult.


What we are building here is a place for amazing motivation, knowledge, inspirations and empowerment.

Come back here often and we’ll show you it can be done, even if everyone else says you can’t! Anything is possible with motivation!