Month: October 2015

Get Up One More Time Than You Fall

You don’t have the brains of an engineer, doctor, or mechanic to succeed in whatever it is you want to succeed in. You don’t need to grow up in a wealthy environment to reach success. Nor need a college degree to succeed (I’m not saying I’m against college or anything). All you have to do […]

Embrace Fear, Fear Nothing

Fear is one of those things you can’t run from. You’ll always inevitably come across the petrifying emotion. It’s built into our genetic code. Most people think fearĀ is a negative emotion. But if you think about it you need fear. It helps keep you safe from danger and life threatening events. So, embrace it and […]

What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

What got you here, where you are at currently personally and professionally, is the result of what you have done in the past. Your success, failures, finances, situation, circumstances, etc. is the result of the choices you have made before today. If you have goals and ambitions, you can’t expect to reach them doing the […]

What Is Your “Why” To Greatness?

What motivates you? What is your “why”?! Why are you doing what your doing? Why are you striving for what you’re striving for? Why? Start with it… With what? “Why!”. Why is the “why” important? Well I’ll break it down for you like this: If I offer you $50 to tightrope walk a 3 foot […]

Amazing Motivation

Almost everything we enjoy today was once “impossible” in the past. So what makes an impossibility into a possibility? Deep inside you lies seemingly impossible thoughts. A dream longing to come true. There’s a mission that you feel inside of you, something you feel you have to and/or want to do. But you look at […]