Get Up One More Time Than You Fall

Get Up One More Time Than You Fall

You don’t have the brains of an engineer, doctor, or mechanic to succeed in whatever it is you want to succeed in. You don’t need to grow up in a wealthy environment to reach success. Nor need a college degree to succeed (I’m not saying I’m against college or anything).

All you have to do to succeed is to just get up 1, yes one, more time than you have fallen down or failed. It’s that simple. If you do this you’ll never fail at anything.

You only officially fail when you don’t get up just that one more time.

Failure is a choice, successful people know that. Failure is also just an opinion. The difference between non-successful people and successful people is their mindset on how they handle the so called “failures”.

Unsuccessful people fail, accept it, and move on to something “easier”.

With successful people there is no failure. In their mind they don’t see failure they seeĀ a learning lesson. So they learn from it, get back up, and try it again! They repeat the process as much times until they succeed.

In essence this is proof of the old adage “knowledge is power”. The more you learn from your mistakes, get up and try again, the more powerful you are to the reach success.

So, how powerful are you?! Are you strong enough to get back up! Oh yes getting up is hard!

But the more times you get back up, the more powerful you get and the more resistance you can break through to reach your success!