What Is Your “Why” To Greatness?

What Is Your “Why” To Greatness?

What motivates you? What is your “why”?! Why are you doing what your doing? Why are you striving for what you’re striving for? Why?

Start with it… With what? “Why!”.

Why is the “why” important?

Well I’ll break it down for you like this:

If I offer you $50 to tightrope walk a 3 foot high plumbing pipe, would you do it? Without hesitation your answer would be “yes”.

Now, if I offer you the same $50 to tightrope walk a wooden plank that’s between two 100 story high buildings, would you do it?

Obviously, you wouldn’t dare. What if your child was across the way and the building was burning down?

So, what changed your decision and motivations? The “why” changed.

Having a strong “why” is one of the most important things to keep in mind to keep you motivated. If your reasons for doing things are not strong enough, you’ll give up as soon as things get tough and the road isn’t smooth anymore. You’ll probably even turn back around when you hit a wall rather than breaking through it or finding a way around it.

So ask yourself “why”! Why do you want the success so bad? Why did you build your business? Why are you training so hard? Why? Why? WHAT”S YOUR WHY?!

Motivate yourself!